Indigy Babes

At Shop Indigy we love to see our babes rocking their favorite Indigy fits on insta. With that being said we wanted to help them get their fits and great deals!! Our influencer program allows our babes to get the outfits of their dreams with a sick discount as long as they post one video on their insta story (ex: unboxing or try on haul) and then one main instagram post that shows off the stuff they got at Indigy. Make sure you get the pictures posted within the month and make sure to tag us!! We LOVE bright and fun creative pictures to keep the feed interesting. You will also be included in some photoshoots that we have in store!!

Being a babe has its perks:

1-3k followers gets a 20% discount with a personalized code

4k-7k followers gets a 30% discount with a personalized code

8k-9k followers gets a 40% discount with a personalized code

10k+ followers gets a 50% discount with a personalized code


DM us on insta at Shop.indigy for more info!!



Indigy Babes



Indigy Babe Handbook

Rules Restated:

For every item purchased you must do the following…

  • One story post, must be a fun video (either try on haul or an unboxing showing off what you got with your rockin discount!)
  • One main post showing off how you styled you item(s). Make sure to tag us so we can show you off on our feed as well! This is where you will announce the code for your friends to use! (not your personal one) 
  • When you get your code make sure to keep your personal one a secret! Last thing we want is for your discount to be used by someone else!
  • All of this must be done within a month of your purchase in order to keep our feed as well as your own up to date with all our newest and freshest trends!
  • And last but not least: Have fun and get creative!! We want this to be a fun uplifting experience for your social media. It helps you get your creativity out in the world so make is unique!